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How to Clean a Car Interior

How to Clean a Car Interior

How to clean a car interior varies depending on the surface, and car interiors can comprise many different materials, each with their own special cleaning methods. We intend to give you a guide on how to effectively and quickly clean

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How to Clean White Leather

how to clean white leather

This is a luxurious material that deserves to be well maintained. However, it is an organic and porous material, so when it comes to how to clean white leather there are some special things to bear in mind. White leather

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How to Clean a Computer Screen

how to clean a computer screen

Welcome to LMB’s guide on how to clean a computer screen. Computer and laptop screens are typically made from a soft plastic and can gain abrasions easily from harsh materials or chemicals. They are much softer than the older and

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Cleaning Your Appliances with Rags

cleaning stainless steel kitchen appliances

Cleaning particular appliances in the home can be extremely difficult as there are many different appliances that don’t come clean with traditional materials. Using paper kitchen towels has long been a source of anxiety for many people as they can

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Clean Your Car With Microfiber Cloths & Rags

cleaning car with microfiber cloth

Cleaning your vehicle doesn’t need to be a chore for you any longer with the LMB Supplies guide to the interior and exterior detailing of your car. If you’re going to clean your car you may as well clean both

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Summer Cleaning Tips

glass with condensation on table

With an influx of glorious weather in the U.K over the past week, we think now is the time to provide you with some great tips to keep your homes clean and tidy while you enjoy the sunshine. Beautiful weather

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How to Clean Your Kitchen Efficiently

How to Clean Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the nemesis of the homeowner when it comes to cleaning. There are many different elements of the kitchen clean that are thoroughly unenjoyable; many of us procrastinate against doing them completely. Follow the LMB guide to clean your kitchen

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How to Stay on Top of Dust in Your Home


Dust builds up in our homes regardless of what we do, unfortunately there is no escaping it. However; there are ways in which we can combat the accumulation around our homes. Dust is made up of small particles that come from

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How to Give Your Home a Deep Spring Clean

Spring Clean

It’s hard to believe but 2017 is already knocking on the door of spring. We’re over the moon about that at LMB however it does mean that for many of us it’s time for the spring clean. Over winter many

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How to Clean Your Oven

Oven Cleaning

The oven is the nemesis of the homeowner; if you don’t tackle it in the right way the deep oven clean is a laborious task that creates mess not removes it. Just when you think that you’re done you close

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