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Yearly Archives: 2014

How to Remove Shoe Polish from Carpet

Good intentions can sometimes lead to bad results – particularly when polishing your shoes! If you’ve ended up with a big black mark, read our guide on how to remove shoe polish from carpet… The key to removing shoe polish

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How to Remove Rust Stains from Carpet

Rust is an irritating stain to encounter but particularly when you have rust stains on carpet. If you have this exact problem, don’t worry! We have a handy guide on how to remove rust stains from carpet. If you do

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How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet

How you remove alcohol stains from carpet will depend on the particular alcohol. Red wine is a common carpet stain headache – you can remove wine and other alcohol stains using chemical cleaners specifically designed for the task, alternatively there

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How to Remove Popular Carpet Stains Part 4

P – V Directory of Removing Popular Carpet Stains Part four of our guide to removing common carpet stains covers toothpaste, urine and vomit stains. Toothpaste Toothpaste is generally relatively easy to remove as long as you are quick to treat

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What can you do with a bag of rags?

We love rags. This is why we’ve built our business model around selling rags. We also love recycling, which is why our rags all come from recycled materials. Now, while buying a bag of rags might seem boring, we would

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Win an iPad Mini with LMB Supplies

Want to win an Apple iPad Mini? Here at LMB Supplies we are happy to announce a brand new competition that we’ve just launched… We want to find out your cheats and tricks for keeping your house clean and in

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Why Be Wasteful When You Can Be Helpful?

We waste far too much in this country. The landfills are fit to burst with perfectly good materials that could be recycled, reused or resold. Textiles and other materials make up more than 12% of the materials in landfill sites. In 2009,

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How to Remove Paint from Carpet

If you’re redecorating, it’s remarkably easy to accidentally spill some paint on your carpet, especially if you don’t ensure every area of the floor is covered with dust sheets. How to remove said paint depends on the type of paint

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How to Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

Have you accidentally spilt or rubbed oil into the carpet and now you’re left with an ugly, unsightly stain? No worries – we can help. How you remove oil stains on carpet will depend on the nature of the stain;

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How to Remove Nail Polish Stains from Carpet

Nail polish is designed to stain and paint surfaces, so spilling it on a carpet can be a real headache. Most nail polish bottles are designed specifically to avoid spills, so hopefully if you do manage to spill some it

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