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Yearly Archives: 2015

The Detailed Guide To Detailing And Car Care


We recently wrote a short article on the biggest mistakes to avoid when cleaning your car, this article is intended to expand on this and give you hints on getting the most out of your cleaning efforts. Lesson 1 –

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Stripping & Polishing Hard Floors & Vinyl


Prior to stripping & polishing any floor you need the proper tools: Two Mop buckets and wringers Two Mop Handles and Mop Heads (16oz) Edging Pad Holder & Pad (Black 10ins) Wet Floor Signs Cleaning Cloths Personal Protective Equipment (rubber

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Storage and Disposal of Oily Rags


Recycled rags provide workshops and garages with an affordable means of cleaning up service fluids and water oil from floors and machinery. Of course, it makes economic sense for garages to use rags to clean up minor oil spillages –

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Smear Free Window Cleaning and Polishing With Microfibers


Microfiber cloths are fantastic for cleaning windows for the same reason they’re great at cleaning cars. The tiny positively charged fibres in microfiber cloths both attract and trap the dirt and dust you’ll find on the windows (even after washing)

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Shining Shoes like a Soldier


Here is what you will need: Some newspaper to protect the area you are polishing in. A brush to clean the dirt from your shoes. A couple cotton cloths for applying the polish and polishing to a shine. Synthetic cloths

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How to Remove Popular Carpet Stains Part 2

D – I Directory of Removing Popular Carpet Stains Part two of our guide to removing common carpet stains covers draught marks and grass. Draught Marks This is a common problem for most carpeted areas. Also known as filtration soiling,

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Removing Oil Spills from Concrete


Any workshop or garage will know just how difficult it is to effectively clean an oil spillage, no matter how minor. This is because concrete is a highly granular material, which allows the oil to all too easily penetrate the

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Rag Rug Making


The craft of rug making dates back to ancient times and there are a number of traditional techniques still commonly used today. One of the more popular techniques amongst hobbyists is the art of rag rug making which, as the

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Quick Household Cleaning Tips


The following are quick household cleaning tips we”ve collected to make your life easier and give you better cleaning results. You will find that a microfiber cloth is far more effective at dusting various surfaces than most dusters, feather dusters

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Painters Rags – Using Rags for Cleaning Paint Spills & Creating Texture


Cleaning rags are used in a wide range of industries. For many painters and decorators, rags are also an important part of the creative/decorative process. It goes without saying that painters and decorators will often spill paint or inadvertently paint

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