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Yearly Archives: 2017

How to Give Your Home a Deep Spring Clean

Spring Clean

It’s hard to believe but 2017 is already knocking on the door of spring. We’re over the moon about that at LMB however it does mean that for many of us it’s time for the spring clean. Over winter many

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How to Clean Your Oven

Oven Cleaning

The oven is the nemesis of the homeowner; if you don’t tackle it in the right way the deep oven clean is a laborious task that creates mess not removes it. Just when you think that you’re done you close

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How to Clean Your Home & Business with Bags of Rags


There are many staples that every kitchen, utility room, workshop, or garage should have in good supply. Rags should be one of those staples whether it’s for your kitchen at home or in an office, or your line of work

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The Versatile Life of Recycled Rags


Many of us have got bags, chests, wardrobes, spare rooms, and garages full to the brim of items we no longer want or need. In many cases these rooms comprise largely of textile items that are no longer required including,

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Recycling and the Post-Christmas Clean Up


2017 is already in full swing but many of us may still have a slight festive hang over with Christmas gifts in bags and boxes all over the place. If that sounds like you, you’re probably wondering where to put

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Everyday recycling tips for families


At LMB our focus is on environmentally and financially sustainable waste management; recycling is a large part of our business model which includes the disposal of textiles. British consumers have recently spoken out about their confusion regarding exactly what can

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