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How to Remove Furniture Stain from Carpet


Furniture cleaning products and stains can be extremely difficult to remove from carpet fibres completely, but all hope is not lose. Furniture stains, especially, are organic based and generally cleaning chemicals will have trouble removing them as they are protein

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How to Remove Fruit Juice Spills from Carpet


With little ones around, fruit juice spills can easily happen. You’ll need to use elbow grease and a combination of supplies to deal with the resulting stains. The first step should always be to blot the stain – use a

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How to Polish a Yoyo


To many of us, a Yoyo is just a hazy memory from our childhood of a fun toy that tied us up in knots, but for some, the Yoyo is an art form that requires mastery and dedication. For many,

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How to Remove Food Colouring Stains from Carpet


Food colouring stains on your carpet can prove particularly problematic. Although it’s designed to add colour to food, it also works just as well on fibre! As a result, many people swear by using steam and heat to remove food

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How to Remove Egg from Carpet


Raw egg can leave a nasty stain on carpet fibres. If you follow these steps however, you can easily get out of a scramble. The first step to removing egg is to quickly scrape the excess liquid with a spatula

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How to Remove Crayon from Carpet


Colourful crayon stains or crushed crayon particles are every parent’s nightmare. Keeping kids from drawing on the walls is hard enough, but if crayon makes it onto the carpet it can be a real headache. Obviously a dropped crayon isn’t

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How to Remove Cough Syrup from Carpet


Having a cough is bad enough, but spilling the syrup on the carpet will only add to your woes! Several cough syrup brands come in a variety of colours. Bright and colourful syrups are the worst kind of stain and

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How to Remove Coffee & Tea Stains from Carpet


We’ve all spilt coffee or tea all at some point, leaving us with an unsightly brown stain usually in plain view right in front of the sofa. For professional and simple coffee stain removal, apply a high-quality coffee stain remover

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How to Remove Chocolate from Carpet


Chocolate melts so easily, you can quickly end up with chocolate stains on your carpet faster than you open the packet! If you’re trying to tackle a chocolate stain, read our advice below: It is best to tackle chocolate stains

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How to Remove Chewing Gum from Carpet


Chewing gum might keep your breath fresh, but it can also be one of life’s little annoyances, particularly if it ends up getting trodden into carpet.  We have three different solutions for you to try, which should leave you with

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