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How to Clean Silver


Silver is certainly an eye-catching metal, making it ideal both as a standout feature and for elegant tableware. But its soft lustre can all too easily work against you: scratches and stains are common in silverware, and attempting to clean

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How to Clean Glasses and Spectacles


Modern spectacles often come with various coatings including glare resistant shields to protect your eyes from harsh rays, but if you aren’t careful, over time, these coatings can be worn away if not treated properly. Glasses aren’t cheap and if

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How to Clean Chrome Bathroom Fittings


Contrary to popular belief, there is no such thing as a 100% chrome fitting. Instead, chrome-based products merely exhibit a chrome finish. Chrome bathroom taps, car rims, appliances and other products are all made from an alternative material which has

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How to Clean Artificial Flowers and Silk Plants


Artificial flowers and silk plants are an excellent way to give the illusion of natural beauty to your home all year round without the need for tending to plants, remembering to feed and water them and dealing with deal leaves

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How to Clean and Grease Your Bike


If you own a bike and make regular use of it, then all too quickly mud and dirt will build up in the hard-to-reach areas. Believe it or not, a dirty bike can significantly affect its performance, not only reducing

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How to Clean an Oven (Without Chemicals)


Here at LMB Supplies we’re all about environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. After all caring for the environment is part of our ethos, it’s part of everything we do in recycling textiles and turning them into the cleaning and polishing cloths

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How to Clean an Iron

Despite how often an iron is used, when was the last time you cleaned the bottom of yours? You might find that although your iron still delivers a crisp finish; an occasional dark mark makes its way onto your clothes

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How to Clean an iPad Screen


Sleek, shiny and sophisticated, no doubt your iPad is the apple of your eye. With so many options literally at the touch of a finger, the possibilities of this versatile tablet are practically infinite. As such, your iPad probably gets

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How to Clean a Washing Machine

You might think cleaning a washing machine is a little counter-productive. After all, surely it gets washed each time you use it? Wrong! Your washing machine actually gets filled with dirty water at least once a week. Dirt and grime

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How To Clean a TV Screen


In the age of High-Defintion and 3D displays, nearly every household has access to at least one TV screen, if not many. But, a dirty screen can dull your experience and your viewing pleasure just isn’t the same. Here at

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