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Win an iPad Mini with LMB Supplies

Want to win an Apple iPad Mini? Here at LMB Supplies we are happy to announce a brand new competition that we’ve just launched… We want to find out your cheats and tricks for keeping your house clean and in

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Why Be Wasteful When You Can Be Helpful?

We waste far too much in this country. The landfills are fit to burst with perfectly good materials that could be recycled, reused or resold. Textiles and other materials make up more than 12% of the materials in landfill sites. In 2009,

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How to Remove Paint from Carpet

If you’re redecorating, it’s remarkably easy to accidentally spill some paint on your carpet, especially if you don’t ensure every area of the floor is covered with dust sheets. How to remove said paint depends on the type of paint

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How to Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

Have you accidentally spilt or rubbed oil into the carpet and now you’re left with an ugly, unsightly stain? No worries – we can help. How you remove oil stains on carpet will depend on the nature of the stain;

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How to Remove Nail Polish Stains from Carpet

Nail polish is designed to stain and paint surfaces, so spilling it on a carpet can be a real headache. Most nail polish bottles are designed specifically to avoid spills, so hopefully if you do manage to spill some it

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How to Remove Mustard Stains from Carpet

A Guide to Removing Mustard Stains from Carpet Depending on the type of mustard spilt, the stain may be difficult to remove. Mustard contains turmeric which works as a yellow dye and is the main cause of the stain. Unfortunately

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How to Remove Mud Stains from Carpet

Just like grass, mud is one of the most common carpet stains. Brush or scrape off as much as possible as soon as you discover a mud stain or muddy footprint on your carpet. You can use a vacuum cleaner

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How to Remove Mould Without Using Chemicals

Mould is the bane of many a home-owner: it discolours walls, blackens grouting and is generally unsightly. It can also be a health risk, particularly if the mould breeds to such an extent that spores get released into the air,

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How to Remove Mould and Whiten Grout Without Using Chemicals

Mould is not only unsightly; it can also become a health hazard if sufficient action isn’t taken to keep it at bay. Unfortunately, where grout is concerned this is easier said than done. While mould can certainly hard to prevent,

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How to Remove Milk Spills from Carpet

With a milk spillage it’s essential that you tackle the stain as soon as possible before the milk soaks through the carpet. Milk will go bad after a short period of time and this will leave a permanent unpleasant smell

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