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Lint free cleaning cloths for the perfect finish

Lint free cleaning cloths, towels and wipes make all the difference in those cleaning tasks where the perfect finish is everything. We supply a range of lint free cloths for every task, made from a variety of recycled textiles and fabrics and ideal for varying applications. So whether you need heavy-duty lint free microfiber cloths or strong and low lint linen rags with a fantastic absorbency level or something else, we've got the right cloth for the task.

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This fantastic Jumbo Microfiber Cloth is just the right size for getting the job done! No matter the size or shape of your windows our jumbo cloth will help you easily polish and s...

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For the toughest tasks that require the best results, heavyweight microfiber cloths are the perfect choice. Made of tiny fibres that cling to dirt and dust and make light work of m...

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As part of our environmentally friendly range, these cleaning wipes are made from recycled sweatshirt tops and bottoms. Competitively priced, these recycled rags are highly abs...

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Microfiber glass cloths are fantastic cleaning tools for removing dust, dirt, fingerprints and more from glass windows, mirrors, monitors, televisions and vehicle windscreens. Thei...

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These are recycled and manufactured from ex-laundry table linen, making them a very strong cleaning cloth suitable for a multitude of uses. High-quality recycled linen is used t...

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Recycled and made from 100% pure white cotton. These are highly absorbent and extra soft - ideal for polishing and shining. For those people looking for a lint-free shine, these...

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Manufactured from the best recycled cloth, our lint free cloths are excellent quality at an affordable price - with bulk discounts on large orders allowing you to get the best clean for your money.

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