6 ways recycling helps the planet

6 ways recycling helps the planet

All our rags and cloths are made from recycled materials, so it’s clear that we’re passionate about recycling. For us recycling is one of the easiest ways of helping the environment. While there are many ways that recycling can help benefit the planet, here are our favourite six:

Reduce landfill waste

Recycling reduces the amount of waste we produce, which means that less waste ends up in landfill sites. A lot of our waste can take decades, if not centuries, to decompose, meaning that even if we stopped producing waste today our great-grandchildren will still be dealing with the rubbish we have created. Recycling instead makes use of our waste, meaning that anything that doesn’t need to be thrown away won’t be, dramatically reducing the amount of waste that ends up in landfills.

Conserves valuable resources

Our planets natural resources are being used up and we are living with the possibility that in our children’s lifetime some of the things we take for granted will no longer exist. Recycling, however, provides an alternative to using these resources helping to promote their longevity until more sustainable versions are developed instead.

Reduce emissions

Greenhouse gas emissions are the main cause of global warming, which we now know is having a dramatic impact on the planet. These emissions are leading to ice caps melting which in turn means many animals, such as polar bears, are struggling to survive. As well as this, if the ice caps continue to melt it is expected that there will be more floods impacting low lying lands, while some inhabited islands might eventually be underwater permanently. Recycling helps to decrease emissions of greenhouse gases as the recycling process produces less emissions than manufacturing products from scratch.

Saves energy

Creating a product from recycled materials uses less energy than manufacturing them from raw materials. Saving energy is a key way of helping to protect the environment, as the more energy that is saved means a decrease in power plants burning coal, crude oil and other fossil fuels.

Prevents loss of biodiversity

Along with helping animals vulnerable to climate change, recycling helps to protect the rain forest and helps prevent the loss of biodiversity. Rain forests are being cut down at a rapid pace to provide many of the raw materials needed in manufacturing, however doing so is not only destroying the rainforest but much of the biodiversity that lives there.

Respect the planet

Our final, and favourite, way that recycling helps the planet is that it shows respect to the planet. By recycling we are making the active decision to try and conserve as many of our natural resources as possible. As well as this, recycling means that we are being less wasteful in our day to day lives, which means that less of our unwanted stuff is ending up buried in the ground. Ultimately, by recycling we are showing respect to our planet and our future generations who will have to deal with the results of the rubbish we are creating today.