How to clean art supplies

How to clean art supplies

Art is fun, creative and messy. While the messiness might be some of its appeal, you also want to make sure your art supplies stay in good condition – after all they can cost a lot of money. As well as this, keeping your art tools clean means that they are always ready for use for whenever you want to pick up a brush and start painting.

To help keep your art supplies in pristine condition at all times, here are our tips on how to clean your art supplies:

Use the right cleaning tools   

It goes without saying that the right tools will make the job a lot easier. Fortunately, in this case the right tools don’t cost a lot of money. Water will be a key way of getting paint off brushes or, for more stubborn paint, paint thinner will do the job. As well as this, high quality and absorbent cleaning rags are ideal for cleaning brushes and art pallets.

When to clean your brushes

Brushes are probably one of the most important parts of your art supply kit, so ensuring that they are well looked after is a must. Cleaning them using water or paint thinner and then dabbing them with an absorbent rag is the best method for keeping them clean and ready for use. Once you have got as much of the liquid out of the brushes using the rag, leave your brushes somewhere that will help them to dry out thoroughly. Ideally, you should clean your brushes straight after each use, as this will mean that the paint has not dried yet and are, therefore, easier to clean.

Get into good habits

Creating good habits is the key to ensuring that your art supplies remain clean. This means cleaning your brushes after each use, as well as making sure you have all the cleaning tools on hand ready for when they are needed. As well as this, if lack of space means that you can’t leave your art supplies out, ensuring that they are tidied away in a place that is dark and dry will help to keep them in good condition. Even if you are able to leave your art supplies out, ensuring that they are away from damp walls and corners, will help to keep them in better condition.

General mess and spills

Art can get messy at times. Whether it is spilling paint or knocking over water, accidents can easily happen during the artistic process. This is why it is a good idea to have a supply of rags or cloths on hand ready to clear up mess and spills as soon as they happen. Alternatively, a good quality rag or cloth will be essential for when you have finished and need to clean up your work area, as they will help to make the cleaning process a lot quicker and easier.

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