How to Clean Your Home & Business with Bags of Rags

How to Clean Your Home & Business with Bags of Rags

There are many staples that every kitchen, utility room, workshop, or garage should have in good supply. Rags should be one of those staples whether it’s for your kitchen at home or in an office, or your line of work means you have a commercial workshop. As we’ve discussed before on the LMB Supplies blog rags and wipes can be used for many more tasks than just clearing spillages off the ground. The first benefit to using rags at home or for your business is financial, as they are reusable and you will no longer need to keep placing orders for blue roll or kitchen roll.

Are Rags Hygienic?

They are a great utility tool in the home as they can be used all over the house. Many people are put off by the idea of using them and cite hygiene as a reason not to. The route around this concern is simple, colour code them for specific jobs i.e. yellow for the kitchen, blue for bathrooms, and white for the garage. You should always remember to wash your rags regularly but most households are running multiple loads of washing weekly anyway so there’s no extra burden on your washing regime.

Which Jobs Are They Used For?

They can be used in a variety of tasks around the house; they are great for cleaning and polishing surfaces such as mirrors and windows. They are also effective in clearing up water from the floor and other common bathroom cleaning tasks. In the kitchen, rags are great for floors, worktops and tiles particularly. When cleaning splash-backs, paper towels often make the mess as they rip against the grouting. Textile wipes allow you to scrub as necessary without getting little bits of paper stuck everywhere.

Useful in the Garage

An ample supply of rags is an important staple for every garage, workshop, or man cave. They are brilliant for polishing vehicles as well as keeping those big boys toys clean and shiny. Fixing up vehicles as well as other pieces of machinery are a dad’s prerogative in his man space. They are great for cleaning up dirt and spillages such as oil slicks and can be easily washed afterwards and reused multiple times. They are also great for maintaining equipment such as tools which helps to give them a longer life.

Commercial Use

As well as use at home, rags can be used for many of the same jobs in commercial environments. It’s important to keep business facilities clean and tidy and bags of rags give cleaners the tools maintain the cleanliness of your offices. In workshops or garages rags are essential to clean vehicles or machinery, as well as clear up spillages and keep customers vehicles paintwork polished.

A Domestic Essential

Rags are an extremely versatile product that can be used all around the house and in commercial premises. They are also better for the environment than disposable paper towels, and can be recycled with LMB to have a second chance at life as a rag later down the line. 100% recycled rags are available online from LMB Supplies now, browse now and start using rags for your home or business.