Cleaning Your Appliances with Rags

Cleaning Your Appliances with Rags
Cleaning particular appliances in the home can be extremely difficult as there are many different appliances that don’t come clean with traditional materials. Using paper kitchen towels has long been a source of anxiety for many people as they can leave small dusty trails behind as well as streaky marks. Many people also find that tea towels and other surface towels just spread all the crumbs and dirt around the room as opposed to cleaning them up. There are also a number of surfaces that traditional cleaning cloths and sponges do not have the versatility to clean without leaving streaks and marks behind. Rags and microfiber cloths have the versatility to do the difficult jobs that traditional wipers can’t do; even cleaning your appliances around the home.

Microfiber Cloths & Cleaning Your Appliances

Steel surfaces can be extremely stubborn when they get covered in marks from cooking, grease, grime and finger prints. Wiping them down with paper towels often just leaves unsightly streaky marks in place of the dirt. Microfiber cloths are great for this purpose as they pick up dust, dirt and debris as well as effectively clear away streaks and stains from steel surfaces. We have a great trick to break down the grime that has built up on your surfaces if it’s particularly stubborn. Spray natural cleaners such as vinegar or lemon (or a mix) on the surface and wipe away with your rag or microfiber cloth.

Microfiber cloths are also great for cleaning specific appliances such as washing machines. Watery remnants that get left in the drums of washing machines can start to cause mildew in your machine as well as unpleasant smells. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe away any leftover dampness in the drum of your machine to avoid these problems. They are also great for wiping away spilt laundry detergents from the face of your machine keeping your kitchen looking tidy.

Using Rags When cleaning Your Appliances

Rags and wipers are more versatile and hardy than paper towels and other cleaning tools. They can be used for many different tasks. Rags are great for wiping surfaces and appliances such as kettles and toasters, as well as drying them off afterwards, be sure to always dry surfaces and appliances once you’ve wiped them down with a wet rag. Rags are also great for cleaning glass and mirrors without leaving streaks or dust like paper towels. They are also great bathroom cleaning tools that are friendly for the environment because they can be used over and over as many times as you like. Once you’ve used your rags to clean sinks and toilets simply wash them before their next use.

Once the rags you’re using have completed their term of service pop them in your local LMB Supplies textiles bank to give them a new lease of life as another recycled product. You can replace your old rags with new recycled rags from the LMB Supplies store today so you have the essentials at hand to clean your surface and appliances today.