Cleaning Cloth

Cleaning Cloth

Remove dirt, stains, germs and the possible spread of any virulent virus by ordering Cleaning Cloths from LMB Supplies.

Used in conjunction with an antibacterial agent, you will effectively reduce the spread of germs or a virus.

Cleaning Cloths keep the office and workplace spotless, and keep everybody’s workstation a safer and cleaner environment.

Manufactured from woven materials such as cotton or non-woven materials like Jay Cloths, they are ideal for use with a cleaning solution.

Keep your workplace clean and tidy with a Cleaning Cloth, and leave a lasting impression with staff, suppliers and customers.

First impressions count for everything and a clean and dust free environment won’t go unnoticed by anyone visiting your company or organisation.

Office interiors are especially susceptible to collecting dust on sun blinds, bookshelves, and computer screens and keypads.

Desks and filing cabinets too can collect an abundance of dust, coffee cup stains and drinks’ spillage marks. It’s unsightly, unhygienic and unwanted.

Be sure your cleaning staff and office workers are equipped with a stock of Cleaning Cloths.

Stains and spillages harbour germs, and cleaning cloths – used in conjunction with an antibacterial agent from LMB Supplies – will effectively remove the problem.

Wipe away spillages and coffee stains immediately: you could be making your workstation and office environment a breeding ground for germs.

It could make you and your work area vulnerable to contamination from viruses in bacteria.

Cleaning Cloths can be supplied to order, including bulk deliveries, if required.

LMB Supplies have seen more and more customers now requesting our NEW micro fibre cleaning cloths – which contain microscopic particles to cling to dust, grit, dirt and grime – as the benefits of using these far outweigh ordinary cleaning cloths.

Work environments become spotlessly clean and the cleaning work is completed far more quickly when using micro fibre cleaning cloths.

Put micro fibre cleaning cloths at the top of your next order to LMB Supplies.