Cleaning Rags

Cleaning Rags

Our Cotton Cleaning Rags are an essential item in any industrial and industrialised workplace.

They are Environmentally friendly and often made from 100% recycled fabrics and clothing and are often referred to (and known as) industrial wipers, textile wipes, industrial rag wipers, workshop wipes and rags, or simply rag wipes.

Due to the high carbon footprint associated with the manufacture of cotton based materials – they will conform with and enhance your organisations’ eco-friendly policies.

LMB’S lint free wipers are made from recycled laundry sheets which are 100% cotton and excellent for all cleaning and polishing tasks.

Cleaning companies and contract cleaners can order supplies in bulk quantities to meet their high level of usage.

Automotive manufacturing companies, car repair companies, garage franchises, and car body and spray repair businesses all enjoy the regular usage of cleaning rags from LMB Supplies.

Rags are competitively priced and LMB Supplies are totally reliable when ordering bulk supplies. Cleaning rags are held in bulk quantities to meet many customers not inconsiderable order levels.

Regular ordering is encouraged to ensure your stocks are never exhausted when operating your business.

Engineering companies, utility supply businesses, plumbers, painters and decorators, food processing companies and dairy produce production companies all use and utilise our supply chain.

LMB Supplies’ customer base is expanding all the time. With a reputation for quality and reliability- especially with bulk orders – we are gaining a wider customer base across the UK.

It is not a rags to riches story; it is a rags to reliability operation and one which we are especially proud of.

If your business operations create spillages, splashes and the overflow of non-hazardous liquids or water, be sure to order your Rags, industrial wipers, textile wipes, workshop wipes and industrial rag wipes from LMB Supplies in London.

The versatility of our Cleaning Rags is something to behold in industry and commerce today.