Cleaning Tips – How to make your windows sparkle

Cleaning Tips - How to make your windows sparkle

Prior to cleaning the windows you will need the proper tools:

  • One T Bar with window washing sleeve
  • One Squeegee complete with handle
  • One Oblong bucket
  • Window cleaning detergent
  • Window scraper and blades
  • Optional Extension pole
  • Scrim or Micro fibre cloth

Procedures for Cleaning Windows

  1. Prepare the cleaning solution in the oblong bucket as per the directions on the detergent (Tip: Using warm water will help cut through the dirt quicker than cold).
  2. Dip the window washer into the solution allowing the solution to absorb.
  3. Wash the windows with the window washer paying special attention to the corners until the entire window has been soaped.
  4. Using the squeegee work your way from top to bottom in a continuous motion making an S shape pattern down the window.
  5. Wipe down the squeegee with the cloth or scrim and run the squeegee down the edges of the window to remove the last of the soap.
  6. Remove any residual soap with the scrim or micro fibre cloth.
  7. Any marks that have not been removed by cleaning can be scrapped off using the window scrapper