How to create your own raggy doll

How to create your own raggy doll

30 years ago saw the premier of the much-loved children’s television programme Raggy Dolls. This cartoon series followed the fun and adventures of a group of rejected raggy dolls who lived in a toy factory. As children we were big fans of the show and ever since have wanted to create our own raggy doll. Now with a bag of our rags we have all the material we need to fulfil our childhood raggy doll dream. If, like us, you’ve had a childhood dream of owning your very own raggy doll we have created an easy-to-follow guide that will help you to achieve your childhood ambition.

In fact, making a raggy doll is easy and only takes a few simple steps:

Tools you’ll need

Along with a bag of our rags, you’ll need to download a raggy doll pattern, some scissors, a sewing machine and stuffing material e.g. polyfill.

Set one

Cut out the pattern and pin to individual rags. Once all pieces of the pattern are pinned, cut around the pattern with the rags attached. Make sure that you have two parts to each section of the doll, for example ensure you have two parts to leg one and another two parts to leg two.

Step two

Sew each of the two parts to each doll section together, remembering to leave a gap at the top. For example sew two parts of leg one together but leave the top part. Also make sure you sew the sections inside-out.

Step three

Turn each section so that the outside is facing out and then stuff each section with the doll stuffing. Once the section is stuffed sew the top closed. Repeat this process for every section of the doll.

Step four

Sew the legs and arms to the body section of the doll, finally sew the head onto the body.

Step five

You can now add clothes to the doll, for example create a dress using our coloured rags. You can add hair by gluing pieces of wool, glue on buttons for the eyes and draw on a mouth and nose to complete the doll.