Creative ways to keep children entertained on rainy days

Creative ways to keep children entertained on rainy days

Keeping children entertained during weekends can be difficult enough, but when it’s raining it can prove even more challenging. Often parents have two choices; either pay a small fortune to get children out the house but somewhere dry, or have to deal with children getting bored being cooped up indoors.

Fortunately, there are some ways of keeping children entertained on rainy days that doesn’t involved them sitting in front of the TV or on the iPad.

Get arty

Painting, drawing and creating collages are a great way for children to express their artistic side. Many children love being arty and letting their imaginations run wild as they create their works of art. Just remember it is a good idea to have a few absorbent cloths around just in case the artistic process gets a little messier than you expected.

Build a fort

Everyone likes to build forts, even adults. All you need is a few boxes and sheets, plus a little bit of imagination and you have your indoor fort. Children will not only love building the fort but will also be able to play in it for hours, even the most ordinary tasks, such as reading a book, will become more fun and interesting when doing it in the fort.

Do some baking

Baking is not only a great way of keeping children entertained on rainy days, but is also a brilliant way to introduce children to cooking, plus there is yummy treat everyone can enjoy at the end. There are lots of easy baking recipes that require dew ingredients and are child-friendly that you are bound to find something simple and enjoyable to bake.

Create your own book

Creating your own book is easier than it sounds. Get some plain A4 paper and with your children start creating a story by drawing a picture and writing some text on each piece of paper. At the end put the paper in order, create and add a front cover, staple them all together and there you have your own unique story book.

Puzzles and games

Traditional puzzles and board games can still entertain children, especially younger children. They are have the double benefit of being fun, but also often provide an educational aspect as well. This means that while children will be sitting, their minds will be occupied preventing them from getting bored.

Just dance

If all else fails and you run out of ideas, simply put on some music and dance. Everyone loves dancing around the house, plus it helps to burn off excess energy and is great exercise. So put on your favourite songs and just dance.