Easy ways to recycle more

Easy ways to recycle more
At LMB we’re passionate about recycling, so much so we’ve built our business model around it. We ensure that our rags and cloths are made from recycled materials (such as unwanted t-shirts and bed covers) and remade to produce the high quality products found on this website. One of the reasons why we’re so passionate about recycling is because of the positive impact it has on the environment.
While buying our recycled products is a great way to start helping the environment, especially if you wash and re-use our cloths and rags again and again, there are also other simple steps to start recycling more. If you want to do more than the minimum of separating your plastic and glass waste these are some simple ways you can recycle more at home.
Get organised 
One of the easiest ways of recycling more is to be more organised. Making sure you have easy access to your recycling bins so that taking out empty plastic and glass bottles is not a hassle will make it easier to recycle more. As well as this, knowing when bins are emptied and what can and cannot be recycled are the basics to recycling more in your home.
Re-use what you can 
Sometimes we throw away stuff that we can recycle ourselves, it often just takes a bit of creative thinking. Glass jars and bottles, for example, can be turned into vases. If you need somewhere to store all your makeup brushes, why not use a jam jar? Lots of everyday household items, from unwanted cups to chairs, can be creatively turned into new items for your home.
Charity shops and recycling bins 
Whenever you have a clear out, rather than of throwing away unwanted but still usable items, consider taking them to a charity shop instead. Alternatively, many supermarkets have recycling bins outside that take unwanted clothes – this is where we get a lot of our recycled materials from. Doing this means that your unwanted items can be either bought by someone who can make use of it, which also helps charities raise funds for their cause, or the items can be recycled for you.
Save rainwater 
Often when we think of recycling we think of material items, however recycling water can really help the environment. The reality is that we now use too much water and while we think of it as a disposable item, like gas and oil, it is a natural resource that needs to be respected. One of the best ways of recycling rainwater is to buy a water butt that can collect rainwater which then can be used to water your garden during drier summer months.
Learn to sew
Many of us throw away beloved clothes because the hem has fallen down or the stitching has started to fall apart. Basic sewing skills will mean that you can mend these pieces of clothing and get more use out of them, so that you don’t have to immediately throw them away. Not only does this help you to reduce waste, but it also helps you to save money in the long run.