Getting crafty with rags

Getting crafty with rags

Rags are made for arts and crafts. They are the perfect tool when wanting to create something artistic. There are so many different ways you can use a bag of rags in crafts it is almost as though they were designed with crafty people in mind. Here we have just highlighted a few of the crafty things you can do with a bag of rags:

Make a collage

The different colours and different textures available means that rags are ideal for making a collage. From simple collages to complicated artistic endeavours, a bag of our rags will provide all the material you need to create something unique and imaginative. Collages are especially good at introducing children to art and they can have a lot of fun choosing the different colours and textures they want to add to the collage.

Create your own stuffed toy

A bag of white rags is ideal for creating a stuffed toy. Homemade stuffed toys are easy to make and require very little materials to create. Our previous blog post provides a guide to creating your own raggy doll, but there are lots of patterns available to download to make any type of stuff toy that you desire.

Paint a picture

Why just use brushes when you can use so many different tools to paint? Our textile rags, for example, are ideal tools to use to create unique and textured painted images. Experimenting with different rags when painting if not only fun, but a great way to push creative boundaries. All you need is a bag of rags, some paints and a blank canvas to create your own piece of modern art.

Make your own coffee cosy

Artistic people need their coffee, so what better crafty thing to do with a bag of rags than make your own coffee cosy. A coffee cosy is simple to make, just ensure that you choose rags that are thick enough to protect your hands from the heat, while also enabling the coffee to remain warm for longer.

Make a blanket

Blankets are great to snuggle under during cooler summer nights or during chilly winter days. With just a bit of needle work, a bag of rags can be easily transformed into a unique blanket. Our rags are available in numerous colours and textures making them the ideal material for making a unique and fun blanket.