How to clean a BBQ

How to clean a BBQ

Who doesn’t like a good BBQ? Even just the smell of a BBQ invokes happy, summer memories of tasty food, eating outdoors and time spent with family and friends. While BBQs are fun, clearing up the mess at the end of the day, normally isn’t. Usually, one of the most time-consuming tasks is cleaning the barbecue.

With BBQ season now in full flow, we’ve created this guide on how to clean a barbecue to make the process that little bit easier.

What you’ll need:

Step one: Wait until the barbecue is cooled, but before the grease and grime has had a chance to harden, before you start cleaning it.

Step two: Rinse the barbecue grills under water to get rid of any loose grime.

Step three: Using soapy water and a rag or cloth, clean as much as the grease and grime as possible off the barbecue grills. Use a scrapper to get rid of more stubborn grease from the grills.

Step four: Scoop out the charcoal from the main barbecue and dispose of the waste. Using a rag or cloth and soppy water to clean out the now empty barbecue. Wipe over the entire barbecue, both inside and outside, with a damp cloth to finish.

Step five: Wait for the barbecue and grills to be completely dry before reassembling.