How to Clean an Oven (Without Chemicals)

Here at LMB Supplies we’re all about environmentally friendly cleaning solutions. After all caring for the environment is part of our ethos, it’s part of everything we do in recycling textiles and turning them into the cleaning and polishing cloths and rags you know and love.

So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we’re also happy to promote anything that helps reduce your (and our) impact on the environment. One of those ways is by cleaning without chemicals.

We’ve written before about how our microfiber cloths are great for reducing the amount of cleaning solutions and chemicals you use while cleaning and polishing, but what if you want to completely do away with traditional manmade chemicals in favour of something more natural?

Doing Away With Chemicals

You might be surprised how many natural cleaning solutions you already have lying around the house. For example, did you know that lemon juice, vinegar and baking soda all work separately or together as fantastic oven cleaning tools. They can even be put to use around the house for general cleaning purposes and as an added bonus they already have a wonderfully naturally fragrance with no nasty chemical smells.

So-called ‘natural’ and chemical-free cleaning is appealing to many people for a number of reasons:

  • Man-made cleaning chemicals are expensive
  • Bleaches, caustic cleaners and other aggressive cleaning chemicals are potentially harmful to the user and other residents of the home (they may burn or damage skin if accidental contact is made and if not properly removed they could potentially infect food and make people ill.
  • Some have allergic reactions to non-natural chemicals and need something gentler but just as good at cleaning.
  • Man-made chemicals used around the home will eventually make their way into the environment and necessarily have a detrimental effect on the world around us as a result.

So, there are plenty of reasons not to use traditional cleaning chemicals and move to more natural cleaning chemicals instead, but where do you start?

The Natural Oven Cleaning Options

  • Self-Cleaning Ovens – to be ultimately lazy and reduce the chore of oven cleaning you could always swap your current oven for a modern ‘self-cleaning’ oven. These ovens simply cook their contents to extreme temperatures – burning any dirt, gunk or left over food to a crisp so that it can be removed with a simple wipe of a cloth or rag or a scrape with a spatula. You might find your current oven doesn’t go high enough, but it could be worth a try. Crank the heat all the way up while it is empty and leave it on for a couple of hours, then wait for it to cool and scrape off the residue.
  • Baking Soda Solution – many cleaners and cleaning enthusiasts swear by the magical properties of baking soda. It has many fantastic applications and is great at removing dirt and grime for ovens as well as a variety of other surfaces. Simply mix baking soda with vinegar, wipe on the surfaces, door, sides, roof and racks in your oven and leave over night before giving a good scrub the next morning. You’ll find any dirt left over comes off nice and easily. Others suggest that simply using baking soda and water (instead) of vinegar works just as well (if not better) and a good hard scrub with a heavyweight microfiber cloth will be enough to make your oven as good as new!
  • Lemons – Thanks to their acidic nature, lemons are some of nature’s greatest cleaners. A mixture of lemon juice and baking soda will make light work of most dirt and food build-up. Alternatively, find a clean baking tray, cut up a number of lemons and squeeze the juices into the tray and drop the lemons in too. Then fill the dish with water and pop it in the over at around 200 degrees for about 40 minutes. Once that’s done let the oven cool, throw away the contents of the tray. You should have a fresh smelling oven and the citrus fumes should have had a pleasant cleaning effect on the grease and grime in your oven. Wipe down vigorously with a wet microfiber cloth or rag and stand back to admire the results.

There are many alternatives to getting the best clean out of your oven without using chemicals. These are just a handful. If you have any others, let us know on Twitter, Facebook or Google+!