How to Clean Artificial Flowers and Silk Plants

Artificial flowers and silk plants are an excellent way to give the illusion of natural beauty to your home all year round without the need for tending to plants, remembering to feed and water them and dealing with deal leaves and petals. But artificial plants can soon become covered in dirt and dust and look unsightly. Yet, despite their tough, inanimate nature, these artificial plants can still be delicate, so you need to be careful when cleaning them.

The following method for cleaning your artificial plants should ensure they have a long and healthy life and keep looking as good as they day you bought them.

Obviously if your artificial plant has a great many leaves and petals, it will be prone to catching more dust, but cleaning each one with a cloth or rag could be rather a chore. Instead we’d recommend applying a little H2O!

The Cool Water Wash and Wipe

The most important thing to remember when cleaning your artificial plants is they’re still delicate and they’re more than likely held together with glue. So you need to avoid any substance or cleaning chemical that might result in the glue deteriorating or the flowers coming apart.

Hot water is especially good at dissolving glue, so we’d recommend avoiding it at all costs. Instead, try placing your plants it a bowl of cold water. If you can do a stem or part at a time, then that’s better. Light drop the plant into the water, piece by piece and swish it around gently. Gently use a microfiber cleaning cloth to remove any stubborn marks, stains or dirt, then pop the piece to one side before moving onto the next.

We’d recommend using a completely separate (and dry) microfiber cloth to dry the leaves and petals and ensure there are no water marks left on the leaves where the water has dried. Once that’s done, posh the arrangement back together and move onto the next.

If you find that the cold water and microfiber cloth alone aren’t cutting it, then try adding a tiny amount of washing up liquid to the mix, but not much – you don’t want to use anything that might mar the plant or damage the glue!

Short-term Cleaning Alternatives

To keep your artificial flowers clean in the short term and to not have to keep going back to clean them in this manner, you could use a light-weight and lint-free cotton rag attached over the end of a vacuum nozzle to suck up any dust that might collect on the leaves. We’d recommend putting the vacuum on a low setting to avoid any undue pressure or suction on your artificial flowers – for a clean plant that lasts and lasts.