How to Clean Glasses and Spectacles

Modern spectacles often come with various coatings including glare resistant shields to protect your eyes from harsh rays, but if you aren’t careful, over time, these coatings can be worn away if not treated properly. Glasses aren’t cheap and if you’ve paid out for new frames, special ‘thinner’ lenses, anti-glare coating and reactive lenses, then the last thing you want is to ruin the glasses by scratching them and having to pay out for a new pair.

The Everyday Troubles With Spectacles

Anyone that wears spectacles on a regular basis knows how hard it is to keep them clean. Everyday life leads to your view being obscured by dust, fingerprints, rain droplets, eye-lashes and all manner of other viewing impairments. The temptation to grab a handful of tissue, kitchen roll or the scruff of your shirt is often too much for some people, but you’d be better off wiping off the dirt with the sharp edge of a knife, the good it will do you over time.

You might think we’re being over-dramatic, but did you know that the average sheet of kitchen roll is made from recycled paper and wood? Even if it feels soft to touch, if you look carefully you might discover small chips and slivers of wood embedded in the fibre. Rub that on your lens and you’ll be putting tiny scratches on the surface of the glass and removing the coatings you paid so much money for.

Clean Eyesight Without the Scratches

Microfiber cloths are your best bet when it comes to keeping your lenses clean. They’re tough and strong, but they are made up of tiny fibres that are delicate on the glass surface. These ‘microfibers’ will extract the dirt, dust and debris from your lenses, sucking them up into their core and away from the surface of the cloth as you clean. So there’s less risk of scratching and less risk of damage.

Glass microfiber cloths can be used on all sorts of glass surfaces, from windows to spectacles and keep the glass scratch, smear and smudge free. Better still, they’re washable, so you won’t need to waste money on replacing that kitchen roll or tissue you’d otherwise toss away. No more waste, no more fuss!

We recommend avoiding using any form of cleaning chemicals or detergents when cleaning your glasses with microfiber cloths (or any cloth for that matter). There’s just no need and you may do more harm than good. No doubt if you asked your optician they’d tell you to avoid those chemicals to prevent damaging the coatings anyway. For particularly tough marks and dirt you can use a bit of ordinary tap water to bring the lens back to a clean shine. But in most cases it’s completely unnecessary.

Glass microfiber cloths provide the ultimate clean for your spectacles. Once you go microfiber, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.