How to Remove Chocolate from Carpet

Chocolate melts so easily, you can quickly end up with chocolate stains on your carpet faster than you open the packet! If you’re trying to tackle a chocolate stain, read our advice below:

It is best to tackle chocolate stains and marks as soon as you can, with a bit of brute force – scrape the offending chocolate off the carpet fibres using a fork, knife or other metal implement. Be sure to scrape in the direction of the grain of the carpet to avoid pushing the chocolate further into the fibres.

Alternatively dip a white cleaning cloth into some colour-safe detergent and dab the offending stain. Give the detergent time to soak into stain and then remove with another clean cloth. White vinegar is an excellent solution for chocolate stains, and the best part is that it’s a chemical free solution – just dab it on and give it time to soak in and work its magic.

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