How to Remove Coffee & Tea Stains from Carpet

We’ve all spilt coffee or tea all at some point, leaving us with an unsightly brown stain usually in plain view right in front of the sofa.

For professional and simple coffee stain removal, apply a high-quality coffee stain remover and blot the stain area with a white cleaning cloth. Use the cloth and cleaning solution to soak the stain and give it time to work into the fibres.  Coffee and tea stains can be particularly difficult to remove, especially if they soak in, so it’s important to use an aggressive cleaner that works into the fibres.

Biological washing powder works well on coffee stains as an alternative to professional chemicals. Use the washing powder and warm water to dissolve the stain and then dab and blot it with a clean cloth. If washing powder doesn’t work, the acidic properties of white vinegar will work wonders on the stain and careful blotting with remove the stain.

These methods should help you to remove coffee and tea stains from carpet in no time at all.