How to Remove Food Colouring Stains from Carpet

Food colouring stains on your carpet can prove particularly problematic. Although it’s designed to add colour to food, it also works just as well on fibre!

As a result, many people swear by using steam and heat to remove food colouring stains from the carpet fibres.

To try this technique, start by placing a damp white cleaning cloth over the food colouring stain and apply a steam iron for a very smallamount of time; no more than 10 seconds. Under no circumstances should you allow the iron to touch the carpet itself. Apply the iron for too long and you risk doing more harm than good.

With luck, the steam will help remove the majority of the stain. If it still remains, apply some professional stain blotter or a few drops of clear vinegar and dab, rinse and dry.

Your carpet should now be food colouring free!