How to Remove Furniture Stain from Carpet

Furniture cleaning products and stains can be extremely difficult to remove from carpet fibres completely, but all hope is not lose.

Furniture stains, especially, are organic based and generally cleaning chemicals will have trouble removing them as they are protein based and often ineffective. As such, we’d recommend contacting a professional carpet cleaner to deal with the problem area as they will have the right chemicals and equipment to handle the stain.

If that isn’t an option however and you would prefer to tackle the stain yourself then read our advice on how to remove furniture stain from carpet.

Start by applying copious amounts of water to the stain to dilute and minimise the mark. After that, a heavy-duty, professional stain remover will need to be applied and agitated with a tough brush. Once the remover has had time to soak in and penetrate the stain, apply more clean water and use a fresh, dry absorbent cloth to soak up any residue.

If the stain persists, try a steam removal technique (apply a clean cloth and steam iron for 10 seconds to steam the stain out while taking care to avoid direct contact with the carpet) or use a dedicated steam cleaner to work deep into the fibres. You may find that WD40 or paint thinner will work, but it’s best to test on an inconspicuous area of carpet first to check colourfastness.

Hopefully these methods will help you to remove furniture stain from your carpet should you find yourself in this predicament.