How to Remove Glue from Carpet

If you are a keen DIYer, crafter, or have young children it’s likely that you use glue on a regular basis. It can easily find its way on the carpet, resulting in a sticky problem in more ways than one. Here are some solutions on how to remove glue from carpet, both the water-based and household cement varieties.

Glue (Water-based)

Glue is obviously designed to stick. The biggest issue here is that glue will stick to the fibres and dirt; in turn, dust and debris will stick to the glue and create an unpleasant eyesore. We recommend that tackle the glue stain as soon as possible – a clean cloth soaked in warm water and detergent will make short work of the glue. If you find it to be more stubborn, then leave the area to soak for a while and repeat the process.

The alternative solution (if the glue is already dry) is to scrape the worst of the glue off with a blunt metal implement. Apply copious amounts of clear/white vinegar to soak into the offending glue. Then soak with warm water. Rub and dab with a clean cloth or remove the remaining residue.

Glue (Household Cement) Spills

Cement glues are more difficult to remove than water-based glues; they have strong adhesive properties and easily bond with the fibres of the carpet if not immediately treated. Rubbing alcohol or paint thinners work well in combating the adhesive properties of cement glue. When using it on carpet however, it’s essential that you check these chemicals on a small area of carpet first.

Use a soft, clean and colourfast cloth to apply the thinner and dab the stained area. If this technique doesn’t work, try using warm water or steam to cut into the glue and plenty of clean water to remove the problem.

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