How to Remove Gravy Stains from Carpet

Gravy stains can ruin a good dinner. You’ll no doubt be in a rush to clean the stain and get back to your food before it gets cold – so follow these quick steps for excellent results.

  • Scrape the worst of the gravy off the carpet with a blunt utensil such as a spatula or clean knife.
  • The second step is to soak up the worst of the residue. Use an absorbent powder such as baking powder so that you can pull the gravy out of the carpet fibres and reduce the problem before you tackle the leftovers.
  • Leave the baking soda to work its magic for 15-20 minutes (maybe giving you time to finish your food in the meantime) before moving on to the next step.
  • Take a clean cloth and blot the area.
  • If there’s still some stain remaining then use some washing up liquid and clean water to wash the stain and soak it up with a clean cloth.

If the stain still persists after the treated area has dried, we’d recommend finding some quality stain remover and applying to the problem area with a clean colourfast cloth.

Don’t let a gravy stain ruin a good meal with our handy how to guide!