How to Remove Ice Cream Spills from Carpet

There’s nothing worse than wasted ice cream, especially when it ends up splattered all over the carpet! If you’ve found yourself in this sad situation, read on to discover how to remove ice cream spills from carpet.

There are specialist stain and fabric removers that work perfectly to blot ice cream stains out of carpet. As a household alternative however, biological washing powder is a fantastic cleanser.

  • Soak the problem areas with warm water and a small amount of washing powder and let the enzymes do their work.
  • Allow the stain to soak for a longer period (e.g. overnight) for the best results.
  • Apply the detergent solution with a clean cloth and dab/blot the problem area until the liquid is absorbed.
  • Rinse with clean water and a clean cloth, then repeat as necessary to remove an excess ice cream.

You will find that some ice creams will be easier to remove than others (especially depend on how melted they are when they hit the carpet!) but if you catch the excess quickly you’ll only have a small area to clean.

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