How to Remove Lipstick Marks from Carpet

How to Remove Lipstick Marks from Carpet

If you aren’t paying full attention to your make up application, or are getting ready in a rush, it’s actually surprisingly easy to wind up with lipstick marks on your carpet.

No doubt the accident was swiftly by an ‘oops’, or perhaps a slightly stronger choice of words.

If you have dropped or it broken your lipstick and it has been accidentally trodden into the carpet, then the following might be helpful when removing the resulting lipstick stains.

  1. Using a knife or other metal implement, remove the worst of the stain from the carpet – you should just be able to scrape the surface.
  2. Once you have removed the majority of the stain, blot the remaining stain with a clean damp cloth or rag.
  3. A small amount of detergent or clear vinegar will make easy work of lipstick stains and allow you to easily clean your carpet.
  4. Apply clean water and dab again with another clean cloth.

This should help you to remove accidental lipstick marks from carpet in no time at all! Simples; and no need to blush at the error…

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