How to Remove Mildew Stains from Carpet

Mildew is a common problem – especially in homes with ventilation problems or damp. Mould and mildew may easily become ingrained in carpet fibres, leading to stains that may permanently damage fibres.

  • For mildew treatment it is best to use a professional Neutral Pro- Spotter using a soft, colourfast cloth. Allow 15 minutes or more for the liquid to soak. Apply a professional fabric solution and blot until dry.
  • Alternatively use a stiff brush to brush the worst of the mildew marks from the carpet then apply a stain remover and scrape the stain with a dampened cloth. If the stain persists a bucket of hot water, biological washing powder and plenty of clean cloths should be applied to the offending area. Allow the carpet to dry thoroughly and vacuum.
  • A steam cleaner or professional carpet cleaning machine is a good alternative. To prevent build up in future consider improving your insulation and ventilation throughout the house.

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