How to Remove Milk Spills from Carpet

With a milk spillage it’s essential that you tackle the stain as soon as possible before the milk soaks through the carpet. Milk will go bad after a short period of time and this will leave a permanent unpleasant smell in the room. As such, you will need to work quick.y. If you let the milk soak in the chances are it will soak into the underlay or pool underneath the carpet and could cause endless headaches.

Quickly soak up the excess milk with an absorbent cloth or cleaning rag. Once you’ve got the worst up use baking soda to soak up the rest of the liquid.

Now to tackle the milk stain – a detergent is probably sufficient for combatting the stain and the smell. Apply to the carpet with another clean cloth and some warm water and blot until the stain is removed.

Your carpet should now be milk spill free! Stock up on the right supplies from us here at LMB to tackle all manner of carpet stains and spills in the future.