How to Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

How to Remove Oil Stains from Carpet

Have you accidentally spilt or rubbed oil into the carpet and now you’re left with an ugly, unsightly stain? No worries – we can help.

How you remove oil stains on carpet will depend on the nature of the stain; how much has been spilt and; whether it’s dried or not.

If it’s a recent spill, tackle the oil straight away; scoop up as much of the excess oil as you can. If the oil has dried; use a vacuum to suck up as much of the particles as possible.

Use a clean, absorbent cloth to lift as much of the oil off the surface of the carpet as possible. Take care to dab and blot the oil stain. Rubbing will risk pushing the oil further into the fibres and making the stain harder to remove.

Essentially oil is a grease based liquid, so a grease-cutting solution such as washing up liquid make be sufficient to combat the problem. Blot and dab the problem area with the solution and plenty of clean water.

If this fails to remove the oil stain from the carpet then use rubbing alcohol to finish it off.