How to Remove Paint from Carpet

How to Remove Paint from Carpet

If you’re redecorating, it’s remarkably easy to accidentally spill some paint on your carpet, especially if you don’t ensure every area of the floor is covered with dust sheets.

How to remove said paint depends on the type of paint you have been using; oil based or water based.

So, here’s a guide on how to remove paint from carpet for each type.

Oil based paint 

Oil based paint can be removed with paint thinner or turpentine – soak a clean cloth with these liquids and dab the problem area. Remember though; take care to test an inconspicuous area of the carpet first so you don’t damage the carpet further.

Once you’ve got the worst of the paint off the surface, we’d recommend using a concentrated carpet shampoo to really work into the fibres and remove the colour of the paint.

The important thing to remember with oil based paint stains is that water won’t mix well and won’t help remove the problem. In fact it might make it worse.

If the paint has dried, scrape it off the surface with a blunt metallic implement. Apply paint thinner to remove the worst of the stain.

If you’re still struggling after following these steps then a professional steam cleaner should cut into the remainder of the paint and extract it from the carpet.

Water based paint 

Water based paint can prove slightly trickier to remove. Whilst you will may be able to remove the worst of it, do be aware that it might not be possible to remove the stain entirely.

Start working on the paint stain by breaking up any dried residue into small sections and vacuuming it off the surface of the carpet.

Unlike oil based paint, water based paint can be treated with water.

Hot water and washing detergent will dilute and dissolve the majority of the paint stain. Once you’ve wet the paint stain, use a knife or blunt metal implement to scrape the paint from the surface. Keep the area wet to make the stain easier to remove. Paint removal of this kind can take a long time and can be a drawn out process.

It’s worth giving it a go, however before you shell out for the cost of hiring a steam cleaner or professional carpet cleaning machine.

Supplies for the task 

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