How to Remove Popular Carpet Stains Part 2

How to Remove Popular Carpet Stains Part 2

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Part two of our guide to removing common carpet stains covers draught marks and grass.

Draught Marks

This is a common problem for most carpeted areas. Also known as filtration soiling, draught marks are essentially dust marks on your carpet. They are caused by gaps in or near the carpet that are allowing air to pass through – the carpet then acts as a filter catching the dust and dirt and marking as a result.

The best way to deal with draught marks is to prevent them in the first place. Laying underlay, sheeting and sealing gaps underneath the skirting board minimises the draughts and thereby the marks that they bring. Regular vacuuming and carpet cleaner/steam cleaner use will also help to reduce the problem.

For particular problem areas you’ll need professional draught cleaner to remove the dirt. Apply Ultrapac Renovate solution or Filter-Out professional cleaning chemicals by sprayer. The next step is to agitate with carpet pile brush to really work into the fibres and combat the marks. Allow plenty of time for the solution to soak into the fibres, and then be sure to rinse with clean water and a carpet cleaning machine. You may find it difficult to remove the entirety of the marks and some of them are probably permanent. Prevention is quite often the best cure in this case.

Grass Stains

Probably one of the most common carpet stains, grass is easily accidentally dragged into the house. With a visit to the back garden or a mowed lawn or even small children coming in from play, it’s easy for grass to be bought into the house and mashed into the carpet. Getting it out is another matter.

Start by vacuuming the carpet – it’s important to remove grass residue before any more gets rubbed further into the fibres. If you have a rotating brush head or a nozzle with bristles then you can work the fibres and agitate the grass particles out of the carpet.

Secondly, start by using a clean white cloth and fresh water to dampen the carpet surface and blot the remaining grass stain. You should be able to see the stain removal in action by checking the amount of green marks on the cloth as you go. Ice cold water is most effective on grass stains, combined with a small amount of laundry detergent and some elbow grease, you’ll soon make light work of the stain. An alternative is to use rubbing alcohol or professional stain remover, but the key is to use plenty of water and an absorbent colour-free cloth.