How to Remove Popular Carpet Stains Part 4

How to Remove Popular Carpet Stains Part 4

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Part four of our guide to removing common carpet stains covers toothpaste, urine and vomit stains.


Toothpaste is generally relatively easy to remove as long as you are quick to treat the stain. Mix washing up liquid or detergent with warm water and apply directly to the stained area. Use a clean white absorbent cloth and blot the stained area to remove the toothpaste from the carpet.

Urine Stains

It’s easy for a little urine to end up on carpeted bathroom floors, but with pets (cats or dogs) in the house, you might find it in other areas of the house too. With a urine spill, the problem is not just the resulting stain, but the smell.

Caught quickly you might be able to deal with the problem before it dries and starts to smell. Use a clean absorbent rag to soak up the stain and dispose of the majority of the urine. Next we’d recommend diluting the stain to prevent it marking the carpet. Apply clean water to the area to treat and dilute the urine as much as possible. Soak the liquid up with a clean dry cloth and repeat until you have removed the majority of the problem fluid.

The next step is dealing with the smell. Apply professional urine neutralising cleaner or enzymatic cleaning solution to the problem area and blot. These chemicals will combat the bacteria and other elements of the urine that would otherwise lead to the smell. Leave the stained area covered with dry cloths or paper towels and a weight to absorb the chemicals and the rest of the urine stain.

If when the area is dry you find the carpet is still stained or smelly then try using a professional grade steam cleaner to work right into the fibres and steam the problem out.

Vomit Stains

Whether wet or dry, the best way to deal with vomit is to scrape the excess vomit from the carpet as quickly as you can. Once that majority of the vomit has been scraped from the surface apply a large amount of baking soda or corn starch to the stain to soak up any liquid near or in the carpet fibres. Leave the stain to soak up for 15 mins then use a vacuum cleaner to suck up what’s left.

Now you will need to apply some cleaning solution. If it is available, use dry-cleaning solvent to clean the area, otherwise washing detergent and white vinegar combined with warm water should remove the rest of the vomit stain and clean the carpet.