How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet

How to Remove Red Wine from Carpet
How you remove alcohol stains from carpet will depend on the particular alcohol. Red wine is a common carpet stain headache – you can remove wine and other alcohol stains using chemical cleaners specifically designed for the task, alternatively there are products lying around the house you could use.
The key to removing alcohol stains from carpet – especially red wine stains – is to keep the stain damp. Once it’s dried into the fibres it will be much harder to remove. Start by wetting the problem area with plain tap water and mopping the stain with a dry microfibre cloth or rag. By doing this you are diluting the problem, watering it down and hopefully soaking the majority of the problem out.
For red wine, some recommend using white wine to counter it, but no one wants to waste good wine like that, so leave it as a last resort.
Other alternative household chemicals that work well for removing alcohol stains include:
  • Clear/white vinegar
  • Detergent
  • Salt
  • Baking soda
These chemicals/liquids when applied with plenty of water and vigorous blotting/dabbing will remove you offending stain from your carpet. Be sure to dab – don’t rub or you risk pushing the liquids further into the fabric.