How to Remove Shoe Polish from Carpet

How to Remove Shoe Polish from Carpet

Good intentions can sometimes lead to bad results – particularly when polishing your shoes! If you’ve ended up with a big black mark, read our guide on how to remove shoe polish from carpet…

The key to removing shoe polish is to remove the excess before you start to avoid rubbing it further into the carpet.

Use a vacuum to suck the majority of the shoe polish from the carpet surface. Once you have extracted as much as you can, scrape the surface to remove the worst of what’s left.

The best way to tackle shoe polish stains is with a dry cleaning solvent.

If you don’t have access to such a cleaner then a mixture of washing detergent and ammonia combined with warm water will cut into the polish. Use a clean cloth to dab the stained area and remove the polish from the carpet.

Rinse with clean water and a fresh cloth, turning the cloth regularly to prevent spreading the stain.