How to Remove Soot Stains from Carpet

At this time of the year, you’re more likely to have a fire roaring in the fire place.

How to Remove Soot Stains from Carpet

Whilst this will make you lovely and toasty warm, it can mean you end up with soot stains all over your carpet.

Get a stain free carpet once again with our guide on how to remove soot stains:

First and foremost; the best way to tackle soot stains on carpet is to keep the stained area dry. Wetting the soot stain will only spread the stain and make the problem worse.

So, first use an absorbent substance such as baking soda or corn starch – apply to the stained area and give it time to absorb.

After an hour or longer, vacuum the loose dry soot and baking soda from the carpet. With luck this will remove most of the soot.

Remember, do not rub soot stains.

If there is still soot left in the carpet, use a clean white cloth and a dry-cleaning solvent to blot the rest of the stain and thoroughly clean the area.