How to Remove Tar Stains from Carpet

How to Remove Tar Stains from Carpet

This might not be a stain that you have to deal with regularly, but should you find yourself in a sticky spot when it comes to tar, read on.

When tar comes into contact with carpet, it’s important to act as quickly as possible to stop the stain drying and setting in making it more difficult to remove.

Start by blotting the tar stain with a clean rag. Once you’ve removed as much as you can, try to use a sticky substance such as putty or sticky tape to grip the tar and pull it from the carpet. If that doesn’t help, use a knife blade to scrape the tar from the carpet as best you can.

For problematic tar stains you can use professional tar removing chemicals. If you don’t have access to these then rubbing alcohol; lighter fluid; or WD40 will work to combat the greasy element of the tar and help lift the tar from the carpet. Applied directly to the stain and left to soak, these chemicals will help remove the stain and return your carpet to its former glory.

So there you have it; some tried and tested methods on how to remove tar stains from carpet.

Top Tip: It’s important to test any chemicals on a small area of carpet beforehand to ensure it won’t damage the fibres and cause an even worse stain, or worse, on your carpet.