The ingredients needed for a perfect picnic

The ingredients needed for a perfect picnic

Summertime in Britain means sunshine, tennis, parks and picnics. At LMB Supplies we are big fans of heading outdoors for a picnic and over the years have perfected our picnic-holding abilities to the extent that we now consider ourselves almost experts on the subjects. We have used this expert knowledge to create this guide on holding the perfect picnic. So whether you’re planning to picnic with your friends, family or significant other, following this guide will ensure it is a success.

Choose the right location

Location is key when having a picnic. If you’ve got small children, for example, you’ll want somewhere for them to run around and play without disturbing other people. If, however, you’re planning a romantic picnic with your other half, then choose somewhere quiet and peaceful where you won’t be disturbed. Somewhere with some shade is also a good idea as it will stop you getting burnt, while also prevent the food and drink from becoming warm.

The perfect picnic food

One of the essential ingredients for a picnic is the perfect food. Traditional picnic foods like sandwiches, scones and strawberries are a must, but it is also a good idea to throw in some unconventional picnic foods like cheeses or hummus and pitta bread. Remember that you will be unable to keep the food cool, so be careful with dairy products like cream, as well as meats.

Remember drinks

Along with the food, the right drinks are vital. If you’re with children make sure that you have enough of their favourite drinks, along with water to keep them hydrated in the sun. For adults wine or beer is always a good picnic drink. Alternatively for couples, bringing a bottle of bubbly will make the picnic that extra special.

The essential picnic blanket

It isn’t a proper picnic without the right blanket. There are lots of picnic blankets that can be bought in store or online, alternatively you can make your own blanket using scraps of cloths or rags and sewing them together. Make sure your picnic blanket is large enough for everyone to sit on comfortably, as well as having enough space for the food and drink.

The added extras

When planning your perfect picnic, don’t forget the little extras like a basket big enough to carry everything. As well as this cups, plates and cutlery need to be packed, ideally opting for plastic versions that won’t get broken but can be reused. If you’re with children remember to pack a few games that will keep them entertained while the adults enjoy relaxing in the summer sun.