How to introduce children to recycling

How to introduce children to recycling

Introducing children to the concept of recycling at a young age is a great way of establishing recycling habits that will last long into adulthood. This is why we believe encouraging children to recycle and to learn about the benefits of recycling is a good thing. As well as this, with the Earth’s natural resources beginning to be used up, encouraging the next generation to recycle has never been more important.

Getting children, especially young children, to understand recycling and why it is important can be a challenge, however there are little things that you can do that will help to make recycling a natural part of daily life. If you want to introduce your little ones to recycling, these tips will help:

Show good habits

Young children learn their behaviour from adults, so setting a good example will be one of the easiest ways to get children familiar with the concept of recycling. Making recycling a natural part of everyday life, for example ensuring you put plastic bottles in the right recycling bin instead of throwing it away with the rest of the rubbish, will make it easier for children to pick up these habits naturally.

Get children involved

Along with setting an example, getting children involved with recycling is a great way of introducing them to the concept. Teaching children from a young age to ensure that put their empty drink cartons into the correct recycling bin, especially if you can make it seem like a game, is a great way to get children to understand how easy it is to implement recycling into everyday life.

Another good way of getting children involved is by having a wardrobe clear out. Children quickly outgrow clothes, so let them help you sort through their clothes and put into piles the ones that they no longer wear. If they then go with you to the recycling bank they can see what to do with the unwanted clothes.

Basic ideal of the process

While getting children involved in recycling is a great way of getting them started, ensuring they understand what recycling is and how it works will help to keep their interest. One way of getting children to understand the concept of using something old and no longer wanted to create something new, is by doing the process themselves. For example, you could take an empty and unwanted large glass jar, clean it out and using paints that work on glass, let your children decorate the jar. The painted jar has now been turned into a colourful vase that they can keep in their bedrooms.

Buy the end result

Another way to get children to understand the process of recycling is to buy the end result. There are lots of everyday products around that are made from recycled materials that you can buy to show children what happens to recycled goods. Our rags, for example, are all made from recycled materials mainly from unwanted clothing put into recycling banks and which are unwearable so cannot be sold in charity shops.

Simply search through our product section and you will see all the different types of rags and cloths we create from unwanted materials.