Microfiber Cloths: Anti-Bacterial Benefits

Microfiber Cloths Anti-Bacterial Benefits

We all know that microfiber cleaning cloths are superior and give a better clean compared to standard cleaning cloths, but you might not be aware of the other benefits of using microfiber cloths in a cleaning process i.e. the anti-bacterial benefits.

Perks Publications Inc. used portable testers to measure the levels of bacteria on both floors and counters before and after they had been cleaned with microfiber cloths and microfiber mops and compared the results with a similar washroom cleaned with non-microfiber cleaning products.

The results of the tests were quite interesting. They discovered that:

  • The results varied between floors and counter areas cleaned by both systems, but microfiber cloths almost always came out on top.
  • Results showed that cleaning with microfiber cloths was just effective without germicides (and cleaning chemicals) as it was with.
  • Microfiber cloths were even more effective on porous and uneven surfaces. Areas with tiles and grout were far more likely to a lower bacteria count after being cleaned with a microfiber cloth than with a normal cloth.
  • Using microfiber cloths and microfiber mops resulted in a bacteria reduction of up to 92.28% compared to 76% supplied by standard cleaning cloths and techniques.

The combined results of their tests showed that not only are microfiber cloths better at reduction the bacteria levels in an area being cleaned, but the other benefits of microfiber cloths also made the cleaning process more efficient and effective.
Areas were cleaned more quickly and yet resulted in a 92.28% reduction in bacterial.
Now consider these factors as a business:

  • Microfiber cloths allow for quicker cleaning
  • Microfiber cloths are able to reduce more bacteria than conventional cleaning cloths
  • Less germicides and cleaning chemicals need to be used to result in an ideal clean.
  • Microfiber cloths are more aggressive and better at cleaning tough areas with grout, uneven surfaces or porous surfaces.

This means if you supply your cleaning team with the right microfiber cleaning cloths and equipment, you can reduce the costs of cleaning, the time spent and the financial outlay on things like cleaning chemicals. Obviously we aren’t recommending using no cleaning chemicals, but it was noted that using microfiber cleaning cloths reduces the amount of chemicals required to clean the same area.

Make the right choice, buy microfiber cloths.