Microfibre Cloth

Microfibre Cloth

Make the ordering of microfibre cloths top of your priorities.

When in use, their ultra – fine fibres combine friction and capillary action to absorb and remove dirt, oils and moisture more efficiently than any other cleaning cloth.

You will quickly discover how they clean and polish surfaces like glass and metal without leaving streaks, smudges or smear marks.

They are ideal for cleaning chrome and metal surfaces, and glass in offices, hotels, gymnasiums, nightclubs, bars, retail stores, retail fashion shops and jewellers on the high street.

Contract cleaners have seen sizeable reductions in staff cleaning times after equipping them with micro fibre cloths.

Motor vehicle showrooms now find that cleaning both new and pre owned vehicles using a microfibre cloth will keep their vehicles looking immaculate for the buying motorists.

Food retailers, bakers and supermarkets are all choosing microfibre cloths to keep glass fronted display areas and counters spotlessly clean.

Microfibre glass cloths are also ideal cleaners and polishers for mirrored surfaces in toilets, cloakrooms and changing rooms; fitting rooms in retail stores, shops and bridal outfitters; hotels and guest houses; restaurants; hairdressing salons and beauty parlours; tanning and beauty clinics; medical centres and hospitals; and optician’s clinics.

Window cleaning contractors realise that a microfibre cloth will reduce employees’ work time considerably on plate glass showrooms, offices, hotels and hospital clinics and wards.

Supplied in single entity cloths or packs of 10 – and in multiple sizes – it’s interesting to note most can be machine washed for re-use.

LMB Supplies offer a range in 40cm x 40cm in packs of 10 coloured yellow, blue, green or red, and in sizes up to 60cm x 80cm.

Microfibre Glass Cloths can also be used on LCD and TFT monitors, laptop computers, TV screens, camera equipment and photographic lenses, telescopes and optical equipment.

They are also ideal for cleaning instrumentation fascias and facade panels in manufacturing environments like the automotive, boat building and aviation industries.