Protect our planet by recycling unwanted clothes

Protect our planet by recycling unwanted clothes

Over 350,000 tonnes of unwanted clothing goes to landfill every year, this statistic doesn’t even begin to tell the story of how much clothing British people waste. Wrap have reported that there are about 1.7 billion items of clothing in British homes that haven’t been worn for at least a year. That’s around 30% of the average wardrobe just waiting to be put in the ground; these statistics tell a damming story on the damage many of us are doing to our planet. At LMB we like look on the bright side; there are a number of things that can be done to improve the situation.

Don’t Send Clothes To Landfill

LMB we are committed to improving the negative effects that textile waste has on the environment; that’s why we recycle unwanted textiles including clothing. Clothes that still have life in them will be separated and shipped to Eastern Europe or Africa to be appreciated by a new owner. Textiles that cannot be reused will be recycled and given a new lease of life in the form of wipers or rags which are available from our website.

LMB are reducing the harm that’s done to the planet by not sending these textiles to landfill. By using LMB clothing banks you’re also helping charities and cutting the cost of waste management of your local authority as they won’t have to pay for the waste removal; as well as investing in the UK economy by supporting British business.

LMB And The Environment

By producing recycled products LMB are also looking after the environment through not encouraging the damaging waste that comes from the production of some textile items. Although there is a production element in recycling clothes into wipers and rags; 80% of the textiles collected are sorted and exported to be reused. LMB are also promoting the willingness to reuse; this helps the environment in a wider sense by making people realise that the life cycle of a product can be more than what it was originally intended for.

This attitude is what LMB wants to promote on mass as its better for the planet than binning items for landfill. The products we produce are environmentally conscious and don’t impact the environment; LMB works to a number of environmental standards to ensure our pledge to that commitment.

Make Small Changes

By making small changes to the way we use and discard everyday items we can all make a big impact on the future of planet Earth. By recycling your old and unwanted clothes with LMB you can be safe in the knowledge that you’ve made a commitment to the planets future; and put great clothes in the hands of less fortunate people. Get recycling with LMB today to make a difference; get in touch to find your nearest LMB recycling bin.