How to recycle: a guide for businesses

How to recycle: a guide for businesses

A Government report stated that the UK generated 200.0 million tonnes of waste in 2012, half of which was created by the construction industry, while 24 per cent was from commercial and industrial activities. Although in the last four years the UK has reduced the amount of waste that ends up in landfill sites, clearly businesses play an important role in helping the UK to reduce the amount of waste it produces and what they recycle.

One way for businesses to create less waste is by recycling more. Recycling is a key way for businesses to reduce the amount of waste produced, which ultimately ends up in landfill sites and polluting the environment.

Reduce waste

One of the first steps to recycling is to reduce the amount of waste produced in the first place. While for some industries reducing waste is not an option, many businesses will find that there are simple ways to cut down on the amount of waste produced. Office-based businesses can easily cut down on waste by encouraging a paper-free office; while this won’t result in no paper waste from being created it will help make workers decide whether or not they really need to print out an email or document.

Separate waste to recycle

When there is waste, aim to recycle as much of it as you can. Again in offices this is fairly easy by placing bins that make it simple for staff to throw paper away in a separate section for recycling. Adding food recycling bins in kitchen areas is another simple way to recycle more. Those in the construction industry can find local recycling centres that accept construction waste. While those in the textile industry can take unwanted materials to textile recycling bins. With a little bit of research and organisation much of the waste created by businesses in many industries can be recycled in one way or another.

Encourage employees

Whatever recycling policies you put in place, they often won’t work unless you get your employees on board with the initiative. While some employees will be happy to embrace the idea of recycling, others may need more encouragement. Providing information about the benefits of recycling, for example how it helps the environment, as well as dispelling some of the myths surrounding recycling, such as it using a high amount of energy to create recycled products, will help to inform employees about the importance of your business’ recycling initiative. Another way to encourage employees to recycle is to make it as easy as possible for them to recycle the waste. Put recycling bins in easy to reach places and make sure that all the information employees need to recycle effectively is given to them clearly.

Use recycled products

Another way for businesses to recycle is to use recycled products. At LMB we supply high quality rags and cloths that are made from 100% recycled materials and are ideal for a range of industries, from car garages to cleaning companies. We are just one example, as there are now lots of recycled products available for businesses to buy helping companies in all industries to become more environmentally friendly.