Why recycling matters now more than ever

Why recycling matters now more than ever

While recycling might not have been hitting news headlines in recent years, at LMB supplies we have had a long standing passion for recycling. This passion is why we have place recycling at the heart of our business model, and we believe that the threat of global warming continues recycling is now more important than ever.
So why do we think recycling is so important? Here are just a few reasons why we’re so passionate about recycling.

Limited resources

It’s no secret that the human population is growing at a rapid pace and there is only a limited amount of resources available on our planet to cater to demand. While in the past we have been fortunate enough to not think too much about the resources we are consuming, today we no longer have this luxury. Recycling is the most efficient way of making the most out of the limited resources we have available and means that we are not only creating something new from unwanted items, but also using less resources to create these new items from old ones rather than what would be needed to create something completely new.

Protect our planet

The need to protect our planet for our future generations is an ongoing battle and one where recycling plays an important part. As already mentioned, recycling not only makes use of unwanted items but also uses less resources to re-create than when creating something from new. As well as this, recycling reduces the amount of rubbish ending up in landfill sites. These sites are often piles of rubbish that can take hundreds of years to decompose and sometimes result in toxins seeping into the soil or rivers, polluting the environment and harming wildlife.

Recycling starts at home

While it is important for global leaders to discuss and set targets to help protect the environment, we all need to do our bit to help ensure we leave the planet in a good condition for our future generations. One of the reasons why we love recycling so much is that it is one of the easiest ways to help the environment and something we can all do at home. Separating glass from plastic when throwing out your household waste is now a natural part of daily life. Another way to easily recycle is to take unwanted clothes and textiles to your local recycling point where we can then recycle them by either sending them onto a new home abroad or transform them into useful rags and cloths.

As well as recycling unwanted items, everyone can also buy products made from recycled materials. While we sell high quality rags and cloths, there are many other recycled products available to buy from fashion t-shirts to bottles. Buying recycled products helps to promote recycling and means that more items will be recycled into something new instead of waste ending up in landfill sites and a huge amount of resources being used to create new items from scratch.