Recycling and the Post-Christmas Clean Up

Recycling and the Post-Christmas Clean Up

2017 is already in full swing but many of us may still have a slight festive hang over with Christmas gifts in bags and boxes all over the place. If that sounds like you, you’re probably wondering where to put all the lovely new gifts that you’ve been given over the festive period. Why not take a recycling focused approach to decluttering?   There are lots of ways that we can all recycle more of the items we don’t want or need in our homes anymore.  This can provide us with more space but also helps us to protect our planet and environment.

Save Space at Landfill

The first thing to do is check which items you can and can’t put in your kerb side recycling. A lot of the time people find that there’s a much wider array of items that can be recycled than is commonly thought of, you can usually check items you can recycle on your local authority’s website.  Once you’re comfortable with which items you can put out at the kerb side then it’s time to go through all the accumulated junk and separate what can be recycled out from the rest and ensure it’s clean before it goes in the bin. You might even want to pack some things away for storage until the next festive period such as last year’s cards. You can keep these and make gift tags out of these for next Christmas.

Wardrobes Bursting at the Seams

If you’ve received an influx of new clothing throughout the family over the festive period and don’t have space to put it all away, take it to a clothes bank. LMB Supplies clothes banks are a great place to dispose of your unwanted textiles, they can then go to new homes where they’re in demand or become new items completely.  LMB send items that still have life in them to places where people can still enjoy them. Textiles that are at the end of their existing life-cycle can then be manufactured into our 100% recycled rags.

Finding New Homes

Can you find new home for any new or old unwanted items? You may have new items to replace things you already own, but rather than throw your items away you may be able to give them to a friend or family member that needs them more. This is a great way for you to declutter and avoid sending an item to landfill at the same time.

Recycle More This Year

Recycling is a great way to look after our planet at a critical point in environmental history, it’s important for us all to recycle and reuse as much as we possibly can. Each of us are in a great position to make a judgement on what we send to landfill and what gets recycled. It’s the small day to day actions which can contribute to making change happen. Before you throw unwanted items away this January see if you can give it life somewhere else like LMB do with unwanted textiles.