How to Remove Ice Melt Products from Carpet

In the winter when the snow and ice is on the ground it can cause problems! There’s usually (hopefully) plenty of salt and grit on the roads and paths to help with the daily commute and prevent unnecessary injury, however.

The trouble is it’s all too easy for salt and grit to be bought into homes and commercial premises and rubbed into carpet! If not quickly treated, this aggressive salt will not only stain carpet but could potentially damage the fibres – breaking down the carpet and causing untold damage.

The first step to dealing with salt stains is to vacuum the carpet to quickly remove any excessive particles before they work into the fibres. White vinegar is the perfect counter to salt; use a clean and absorbent cloth or rag soaked in white vinegar to dab the salt stain and allow it to soak for 15 minutes. Blot the carpet with another rag and clean water.

If the stain persists, just repeat the process for a stain free carpet.